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YPO Santa Monica Bay is one of the leading chapters in Southern California

About YPO Santa Monica Bay

The award-winning YPO Santa Monica Bay Chapter has a history and reputation of being one of YPO's strongest and most vital chapters. Founded in 1986 by then YPO and now YPO Gold member Ken Kennedy, our philosophy was to have an inclusive chapter, making YPO available to all Presidents and CEOs who qualified, regardless of their race, background, or creed, providing they were of good character and personal integrity and had the same YPO spirit as our membership.

During our founding years, as we do today, the chapter sought qualified business leaders throughout a cross-section of local communities to build a chapter more closely resembling our culturally diverse metropolis, increasing diversity across gender, ethnic, cultural and business categories. Inclusiveness and diversity is one of the strengths of our outstanding chapter.

YPO Santa Monica Bay stands for:

  • Deliver truly inspiring experiences that foster personal and professional growth.
  • Create a fun, friendly, and supportive culture.
  • Cultivate a membership that embraces diversity and inclusiveness.
  • Engage members and their families in the full YPO experience.
  • Celebrate a spirit of respectfulness and humility.
  • Seek and champion members who contribute and participate.
  • Build life-long and genuine friendships.
  • Be adventurous, open minded, and curious.
  • Provide leadership through community engagement and giving back.

Community Engagement & Giving Back:

YPO Santa Monica bay values that each member strives to become a better leader in business and in our community. Community leadership has been an integral part of our Chapter’s culture since its inception when our founding members endowed both USC and UCLA with academic scholarships. Today, we have expanded our programs to include academic roundtables, scholarships to inner city high school youth and professional mentoring of US Olympic athletes.

Our geographic area encompasses the Greater Los Angeles area:

We are named after the Santa Monica Bay, which is a bight of the Pacific Ocean in Southern California, United States. Its boundaries are slightly ambiguous, but it is generally considered to be the part of the Pacific within an imaginary line drawn between Point Dume, in Malibu, and the Palos Verdes Peninsula. Its eastern shore forms the western boundary of the Los Angeles Westside and South Bay regions.


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